Coach Kathy Gillen has been speaking, training and coaching you to your goals for over 20 years.

She has won many awards, including the Distinguished Communicator Award through International Training in Communication (ITC).

She has spoken at conventions, both national and international, on topics such as “Selling Painlessly”, Win-Win Negotiation, Motivation, Goal Setting, Time Management, “Work, Stress & Chocolate” and The “Coach” Manager.

“I attended Kathy Gillen’s Management Seminar, and feel I received a “leg-up” on our competitors, and that I can use this information with my emplyees, clients, and in my personal life. I strongly recommend this and other seminars. Kathy can p13209ta103540_14connect to her audience almost instantly!”
— Kris F., VP Food Service Company

She also coaches and trains others to advance their speaking careers and has a list of other speakers who are available for speaking.

Kathy specializes in distance learning, utilizing a “state-of-the-art” teleconference line, which enables people from all over the world to gain skills, focus and information in our fast changing world.

Following are some of her topics:
Building Team Excellence
Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace
Winning Without Dropping Dead (Stress Management)
From Crisis to Calm–Taking Control Of Your Time
Meeting Expectations: Don’t Let Business Meetings Run You!
Making it Painless: Network Your Way To The Close
Communication, Leadership And Speaking Skills (C.L.A.S.S.)
A Perfect Life–How To Find It, Achieve It And Keep It!
Work, Stress, And Chocolate
Delivering Exceptional Customer Service for Managers and Teams

Contact us for a complete list of coaching and speaking topics.

Distance Learning

Our TeleForums use a 60 minute interactive workshop format which is accessible by telephone and means you can interact from the comfort of your home or office.

This leading edge technology allows groups of 5-100 geographically dispersed people from your organization to participate in dynamic coaching, web based training or an expert speaker series.

Some key benefits to Group Coaching and TeleForums:
Industry Specific News, Updates and Trends
Shared Group Wisdom and Ideas
Leadership Development
New Sales and Marketing Tools
Powerful Coaching and Motivation
Strategic Networking and Resources
Participants are a cohesive group of people from your specific association, industry or company, who share your concerns and want to leap to the head of their industry or improve their processes and/or dynamics. During each session, you will receive valuable tips, ideas, information, coaching, focus, insight and resources.

Our clients frequently find that the best results come from training followed by group coaching to reinforce the lessons learned. Participants report HUGE increases in sales and productivity from the follow-up sessions and the Group Coaching is fast becoming a major component of the corporate/business structure.

“Kathy – I love the telegroups! The groups have helped me to realize that I actually am doing some great things as well as picking up some great ideas! Thanks”
— Marylou, Realtor